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Adonis Ross launches his debut release on his own House of Swing Records with the noted flair of many jazz percussionists. "Untouchable," released with his band, The N.O. Vaders, reaches back to his New Orleans roots. He's been a staple in the New Orleans jazz scene, earning a "Contemporary Jazz All Star" nod by New Orleans Magazine. Ross played with such notables as Harry Connick Jr. and played and arranged the score for Spike Lee's HBO documentary on Hurricane Katrina. This is the fourth solo recording from Ross, and the first in nearly a decade. The style here reaches back to the big band days with a touch of swing and bop. The band includes Rose on drums, Leon Brown on trumpet and the occasional vocals, Steve Walker on trombone, Jason Stewart on bass and Fred Sanders on piano. The album features several notable references to Brazilian composer Ivan Lins on his "Setembro" and tackles the mighty Freddie Hubbarb's "Suite Sioux." Rose contributes two pieces here with "Mellow Moods" and the short-but-sweet "Let's Get Funky." -- Daniel Graeber

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