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YO! Bobby


These seven New York jazz musicians take on the Bobby Darin songbook on a two-disc, all-instrumental CD. A few of these artists -- clarinet player Anat Cohen, trumpeter Avishai Cohen and sax man Joel Frahm -- are already in our WYCE jazz library. All the cuts are done in a big band format with various players sharing solo spotlights. Interesting piece of trivia that Darin only penned two of his hits, the well-known "Splish Splash" and the not-so-known "That Funny Feeling." And, of course, the most famous Darin single of all was "Mack the Knife," which hit #1 in 1959, although it was written for "The Threepenny Opera" in 1928 by German composers Brecht and Weill. - MJVD

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