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Chris Botti

A Thousand Kisses Deep


The highly musically trained jazz trumpeter Chris Botti actually started his musical career playing trumpet for pop artists like Bob Dylan, Aretha Franklin, Edie Brickell, Sting and Paul Simon (who he played with for 5 years).  "A Thousand Kisses Deep" is Botti's sixth album (his solo debut was in 1995), and is perfectly titled being that it oozes with a romantic feeling, mostly instrumental, with gently beautiful female vocals on 2 of the songs.   The songs are smooth and warm, yet rich, without over-doing the instrumentation.  Lots of hip sounds are used to back his skilled jazz trumpet playing.  Botti claims that he is using a "tougher rhythmic approach" than he has on his previous discs.  His admiration for Miles Davis' "spacey" atmospheric sound is clear.

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