World of Funk


Given Shawn Lee’s use of such instruments as tabla and sitar (India), bouzouki and hurdy-gurdy (Europe), balaphone (Africa), churango (Bolivia), and gu-zheng (China), “World of Funk” has a world feel to it. That’s not so unusual for this multi-instrumentalist. What makes this seventh Ping Pong Orchestra album unusual, is the use of vocalists. Cambodian,Chhom Nimol of Dengue Fever guests on “Ghost In the Rain”, Natacha Atlas, of Egyptian decent, is featured on “Cairo, Cairo” and “The Mighty Atlas”. Bardo Martinez of Chicano Batman lends his vocals to “La Eterna Felicidad”; and Curumin sings on “Nao Vacila” adding a funky Brazilian element to the mix. Mr. Lee even has his mother-in-law (“Nanny Jee”) on here as a guest! “World of Funk” is simply more great stuff from Shawn Lee. Rebecca Ruth

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