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Wynton Marsalis discovered pianist great Marcus Roberts in 1985 and with Wynton on trumpet and Marcus rolling the keys they brought life to some of Wyntons finest recordings. In the mid nineties Marcus was out on his own with the Marcus Roberts Trio creating his own signature sound. This recording is a story of two long term friends coming together again covering some of Jazz most classic tracks. The disc begins with Marcus on the keys covering the Irving Berlin classic Blue Skies, Wynton joins quickly in with a muted but warming trumpet sound, making the sun shine through. the second track captures Marcus tackling the John Coltrane monster Giant Steps on piano in a way not many could dream of accomplishing. After Giant Steps, it is time for a breather with a beautiful rendition of the George Gershwin classic Embraceable You. Wyntons New Orleans roots come through on Jelly Roll Morton's New Orleans Blues and the closing number When The Saints Come Marching In. The magic found on this disc was actually recorded on October 7-8, 2007 proving that classics done my the masters can never grow old. Reviewed By: Gregg Saur

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