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Mike Longo And The New York State Of The Art Jazz Ensemble

Live From New York


Pianist Mike Longo assembled "as the name suggests" a state of the art jazz ensemble on July, 23 2013 to record a classic live disc. This entire disc was recorded in one take and captures a high energy electrifying evening of some of the best players enjoying themselves on a night to remember. Joining the band this evening was vocalist Ira Hawkins who beautifully tackles the standard "Over The Rainbow" as well as the Johnny Mercer Classic "I'm Old Fashioned". Ira also lends his hand to Muddy Water" and gracefully exists with the audience wanting more. Mike adds three original compositions to this disc which fully captures the sound of the big band era while sounding fresh and relevant today. This disc shows that certain sounds are timeless and will never grow old. Reviewed By: Gregg Saur

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