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Debut release of jazz pianist Adam Kromelow and two band mates on bass and drums. Kromelow says he sees today's jazz fusing with classical and rock to blur the lines between those genres and the songs on this disc show his attempt to emphasize that merger. Some songs rock out, others take on a classical tone. There are three covers here, and each one showcases Kromelow's attempt to highlight a genre but still have all three play a role: John Lennon's "Across the Universe" (classical); Thelonious Monk's "Brilliant Corners" (jazz) and Peter Gabriel's "Mercy Street" (rock). The originals are good, too; check out the opener, "Black Mamba" and "Bushido," a song intended to reflect his 13 years of karate training. 03/12 Michael J. J-Fusion (piano)

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