Little Played Little Bird


Accomplished photographer, landscape oils painter and drummer, Todd Bishop, may be familiar to you because of his group, Pop Art 4, which is dedicated to exploring commercial music of the 60’s and 70’s. (Such as Todd Bishop Pop Art 4: 69 Annee Erotique: Music of Serge Gainsbourg.) Except for the classic “Lonely Woman”, you’ve likely not heard most of the songs on Little Played Little Bird. That’s because band leader, Todd Bishop, decided to do an album of Ornette (Little Bird) Coleman songs that are rarely performed (Little Played); thus the album title. If you are familiar with Ornette Coleman, you know to expect sometimes spacey (“Mothers of the Veil”, “Strange As It Seems”), sometimes free-form (“Comme Il Faut”) jazz. These covers are done with respect to the originals, while the band makes the music its own...there is nary an alto saxophone in sight. The best songs here are the swingers, “Enfant” and “Check Up”; but if you like it a little funky, there is also “Country Town Blues”, “Feet Music”, and “Friends and Neighbors”. Rebecca Ruth

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