Live 2006


The San Francisco Jazz Collective presents a stunning live set of their 2006 repertoire consisting of one original composition from each of the eight band members and six tunes by Herbie Hancock with terrific new arrangements by Gil Goldstien. This all-star group features some of the best voices of the new generation of jazz greats (Joshua Redman, Nicholas Payton, etc.) as well as legendary Blue Note vibes player Bobby Hutcherson. The sounds on the original songs range from pure bebop jams recalling the heyday of Bird and Dizzy, to the lush quartal harmonies pioneered by Gil Evans and Miles Davis in the 1950’s, all with a vibrant and fresh approach. As for the Hancock numbers, Goldstien has done a great job of working new sections into the classic melodies and giving these top-notch soloists room to roam. he unique and beautiful spin on the masterpiece “Maiden Voyage” s a particular delight. For fans of Real Jazz, it doesn’t get much better than this! - Calin

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