– Blame it on My Youth


I was driving down to Nashville when I discovered this CD, and felt strangely uncomfortable when I first misread the title to be “Blame it on my Mouth.” The cover features several seductive-looking photos of Matt, and I was thinkin like ‘dude, you’re not selling this record to me on based on those pouty looks.’ Then add the fact that jazz standards generally need to have a little somethin’ special for WYCE to play ‘em, so this album initially had two strikes against it. Still, after listening, I like this record. Its an obvious nod back to Frank Sinatra, and fittingly so. The young Belsante grew up listening to Frank’s records on his grandfather’s lap. I like this kid, he can just as easily go and record a top 40 album next and then something for CMT, but hey for now we have an album of big band & jazz standards--hopefully some originals some day. -Pete

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