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Lach, of course, was known for playing a key role in New York's anti-folk movement, and with Blang!, he truly perfected his blend of punk and folk. Lach's offbeat sense of humor serves him well on such irreverent gems as "Drinking Beers with Mom," "The Blue Monk" (not to be confused with Thelonious Monk's bebop classic) and "Teenage Alcoholic," all of which underscore the singer/songwriter/guitarist's healthy appreciation of Bob Dylan while favoring the type of reckless energy that characterized punk heroes like the Clash, the Damned and the Jam. Those who were adolescents in the late 1970s can relate to "Kiss Loves You," a teen-age male's amusing ode to the influential heavy metal/hard rock band. For anyone with even a casual interest in anti-folk, Blang! is required listening. – AMG This album was Produced by former Bongos' lead singer Richard Barone, Lach is responsible for the early exposure of artists Beck, Michelle Shocked, Avett Brothers, Langhorne Slim, Regina Spektor, The Moldy Peaches, and many more. - Oliver

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