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Paired with Ryan Adams to create a bit of an adventurous new sound for Willie. His down-home, country sound combined with Adams and his band The Cardinals actually makes sense, if you listen to the final production. Willie used a couple of his sidemen, longtime harmonica master Mickey Raphael and Glenn Patscha on Hammond B-3, but most the musical filler was from The Cardinals. “His easy delivery, contrasted with Adams wiry production, creates an emotionally honest, deeply moving recording with the best traits of both men shining forth. Nelson wrote four tracks on this set, Adams wrote two, and the selection of covers -- "Songbird" by Christine McVie, Leonard Cohen's "Hallelujah," Jerry Garcia and Robert Hunter's "Stella Blue," Gram Parsons' "$1,000 Wedding," and Harlan Howard's "Yours, Love" -- is stellar.” ( I just thought they did so much better than I could have. I enjoyed this rocking blues side of Willie, it was relaxed and fun. -Jake Burritt

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