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Words Are Dead


Debut album of Portland, Oregon folk duo Justin Ringle and Peter Broderick that explores the collaboration of classical music with a fresh take on modern folk. Ringle’s vocals fill the air carrying a strength and confidence that elaborates on personal burdens and broken-heartedness, drawn from a moody, old-fashioned approach. With the compilation of prodigal, multi-instrumentalist Broderick, who adds violin, banjo, mandolin, cello, viola, piano, saw, percussion, and vocals to Ringle’s guitar, percussion and lead vocals, their music offers an eerie comparison to influences such as Nick Drake, Nebraska-era Bruce Springsteen, Will Odham, and Cat Power. calls the album “One of the year’s most accomplished and stirring debuts.” Horse Feather’s unusual mix of stark arrangements with dynamic accents are overwhelming in 2 “Finch on Saturday,” 3 “Dustbowl,” and 4 “Blood on the Snow.” -Jake Burritt

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