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Lloyd Cole



As the title suggests, Lloyd Cole delivers an album that mixes sadness delicately with a revitalizing happiness. The songs in Antidepressant are perfect to listen to outside lying on a blanket in the sunshine, or inside under one in the rain. He reminds old lovers of broken hearts, but mends them at the same time. This cult favorite is compared with Cohen, Morrissey, Nick Cave, and Elvis Costello. Lloyd’s gift as a lyricist is on full display in #1 “They Young Idealists,” #3 “NYC Sunshine,” #6 “How Wrong Can You Be?” and in the inside jokiness of #7 “Everysong.” The title track is without a doubt the apex of Cole’s combination of joy and despair, #4 “Antidepressant” proves his passion and intensity. Antidepressant will calm the most eager of souls and ignite the coldest of hearts. Jake Burritt

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