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Stay Under


Hailing from the Faroes Island, this one name wonder artist truly knows what songs can do for the soul. Gaining fame by word of mouth and stunning audiences with his powerful, yet original vocals, Teitur’s new album Stay Under the Stars falls nothing short of his reputation. He will impress fans and non-fans alike with his authenticity in #1 “Don’t Want You to Wake Up,” #4 “I Run the Carousel,” #5 “Thief About to Break in,” #9 “Boy, She can Sing,” and #10 “Hitchhiker.” Accompanied by a fantastic band, including some stringed instruments at times, Teitur holds nothing back as he covers classics, such as #2 “Louis, Lous,” and #6 “Great Balls of Fire,” filling them with his own unique style and vocals. The album’s title suits its reaction of its listeners, making them want to Stay Under the Stars fully involved in the music. Jake Burritt

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