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Wyatt Easterling

Divining Rod


A new artist for me to hear, which is always nice. I thought he was a cross between James Taylor and Jimmy Buffett. Pretty Folky overall, but not to the point that it was putting you to sleep. Wyatt is a tremendous song writer and producer to say the least. With a little back history, Wyatt started out wanting to be a folk singer in Chapel Hill, NC and after moving to Nashville started to network and getting hooked up with more important executives. Long Story short he met Sting's Manager and opened their own publishing company and signed up Keith Urban and Paul Thorn to name a few. He decided to get back into writing and wrote some tunes for Joe Diffie and Dierks Bentley, which sparked him getting back into music and thus producing "Divining Rod." Pretty solid overall, with great songs and lyrics. Tracks 2, 3, 8, and 10 were pretty good and my favorites overall.

review by Matt

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