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Maggi, Pierce and E.J.

The Silver Album


Self proclaimed "down-home farm-city junk music" band Maggi, Pierce and E.J.'s latest album is self-titled, just like their other five records; the only differentiation is the color of the sleeve. This one happens to be sparkly-silver. The album is divided into 3 disks, Morgan (morning), Mittag (mid-day), and Nacht (night). Cleverly, the moods change from light, to heavier as the day goes on. The songs on Morgan are quite Folky with pretty lyrics sang by the lovely Ms. Maggi. Mittag quickly turns to alternative with their drums and distortion pedals,the male members of the band take the lead on these tunes. Then Nacht is mostly heavy metal with their screechy guitar solos. Not necessarily gifted musicians, but very clever song writers who are not afraid to expiriment, which i respect. something truly new.

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