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The Devil & The Deep


  The Devil & The Deep is the debut from Boston trio, The Ballroom Thieves.  The band makes neo-Americana that features three-part vocal harmonies backed by guitar, banjo, and percussion.  Two of the songs on this five song EP are ballads ("Delia" and "Save Me").  Another, "Wait For Water" might fake you out because it starts like a ballad with a single guitar and quiet vocals; but then vocal harmonies, banjo, and hand-claps are added for a raucous end. The upbeat "Vampires" travels the country-rock road.  The best song, album-opener "Loose Lips", is upbeat and even has a cello solo.  Unfortunately, if also features the f-word, so no airplay for that one.  All in all, The Ballroom Thieves do a fine job with this release. The musicianship, vocals, and production are well-done. The grievous thing is, I've heard this done before by so many other bands.  There is nothing here (except maybe that short cello solo) that makes me want to come back for another listen.  Rebecca Ruth 

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