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Dark Arc


Saintseneca, a folk band from Columbus, Ohio, began making music together in 2009 and released their self-titled debut EP through Paper Brigade that same year. Many of the band members, including front man Zac Little, are from the hills of the Appalachians. ANTI-Records describes their sound: "The group utilizes a wide range of acoustic instrumentation (balalaika, mandolin, dulcimer, Turkish Baglama, floor percussion) with more contemporary elements such as synthesizers and electric guitars to create a seamless blend of soaring vocals and vibrant post-punk energy." Their first full-length album, Last, was released in 2011 by Mama Bird Recording Co. Their forth-coming album Dark Arc will be released by ANTI- on April 1, 2014. They worked with producer Mike Mogis (Bright Eyes, M. Ward, First Aid Kit) to mix and refine the tracks. The album opens with a haunting track "Blood Bath," that has very familiar sounds but lyrics that may repulse. "Happy Alone" has an unsettling musical nature, as a result of the electric guitar and the bass, but encouraging lyrics and uplifting harmonies. "Uppercutter" is the first single from the album, featuring throbbing acoustic guitars, atmospheric piano, and Little's soaring vocals. The album's title track, "Dark Arc," does not let the listener back away from Little's disturbing lyrics with simple, haunting instrumentation that bursts into mountainous sounds.

- Richard Martin

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