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Effra Parade


Melodic ~ Effra Parade

In following up the South London band's much heralded EP On My Way, the English afro-folk-pop ensemble is back with their full-length debut titled Effra Parade.  Drawing comparisons to many acclaimed artists, perhaps the best description of their music is somewhere between Norway's Kings of Convenience and Iceland's Of Monsters and Men.  Even then, they are clearly out to make a sound all their own by using a line-up of 18 different baroque instruments to create a sound that joyfully defies categorization.  

Opening with the single, "On My Way," the band crafts a catchy melody that warrants repeated listens.  Mixing the sounds of the Caribbean and that of Africa, "Watch the World Turn Blue" is a fun track that manages to be noticeably different from the others.  One of the best tracks here is "Runaway," a song that moves along at a faster pace and manages to mix in varying instruments and vocals that make it something special.   Other especially good songs include:  

#6 - "Roots"

#10 - "Come Outside"

#14 - "Piece Me Back Together"

On the whole, the Melodic, while not especially strong vocally, have established a sound and some catchy melodies that speak for themselves.  While touring with Mumford and Sons, they've managed to win over many new fans and I suspect they'll win over the hearts of many others with music as revealing, catchy and likeable as this.  A solid start to say the least!

Reviewed by Jeff Bouma

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