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It's a real shame when an artist releases a 19 track terrific greatest hits collection that captures 13 years of his life experiences and most don't even know his name. Tim Easton has always threaded the boundaries of Folk, Country, Rock and pop music making him hard to label. He even quotes" I like my rock and roll to have a little porch party in it and I like my folk music to have some distortion" he succeeds with this disc. This release runs in chronological order with the first 3 tracks taken from Tim's first release "Special 20". In 2001 Tim released "the Truth About Us" and tracks 4-6 can be found on that disc. My favorite release from Tim came in 2003 with "Break your Mothers Heart" and tracks 7-9 are pure Americana folk rock magic. Tim took 3 years off spending time in the Mojave Desert before releasing "Ammunition" which contains the title track as well as two other favorites. Tim returned to Nashville to record his last three releases "Porcupine", "Beat The Band" and "Since 1966 Volume 1" . Once you discover how great the 19 tracks are on this release, take the time to discover all the rest of the best found on these seven releases. Reviewed By: Gregg Saur

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