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Junior Browns new six song EP "Volume Ten" showcases this talented Texans singer and songwriting style. The CD begins with the humorous track "Hang Up And Drive". This is a statement we all think and want to say, but Junior delivers this important safety message in a way that makes you think the next time you reach for your cell phone. "The Phantom Of The Opry" is the tale of a ghost that lived in the classic old Ryman Auditorium which broadcast the grand old Opry until 1974. It is also signifies the changing in country/western music styles that happened with this move. Thank God that the old ghost is still alive ! "Trust Me" is another humorous track that deals with politicians, you need not look far to find the humor in that. Junior saves his signature hot guitar instrumental for the last track "Almost To Tulsa" a dedication to his friend and steel guitar great Buddy Charleton who passed away in 2011. This CD is short and sweet, but kept me longing for more of Juniors great guitar playing. Reviewed By; Gregg Saur

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