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The Ol' Razzle Dazzle


This is Australian native Missy Higgins' 3rd album after a 5 year hiatus. She burned out for awhile and enrolled in Aboriginal studies at university and volunteered. Then she discovered the fans missed her and songs began pouring out again. It's worthy to note the first track "Set Me On Fire" was co-written by tunesmith Dan Wilson (of Adele fame) and Butterfly Boucher. "Hello Hello" is an upbeat catchy tune and "Unashamed Desire" begins moody and dark but evolves into pure pop. "Everyone's Waiting" is a compelling ballad that speaks to her return to writing/touring and is the best track on the album. "Temporary Love" evokes that 80s beat and "Watering Hole" features percussive bluesy notes with harmonica. Higgins said "Cooling of the Embers" was written due to her grandmother's slide to dementia and was a deeply personal song for her to write. Twelve songs coalesce into the heartfelt expression of Missy's return to performance and the validation of her art. Not a bad track here! - Pam VandeKerkhoff

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