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Linda Vista


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Label: Under Mountain
Released 5 April 2011

Henry Wolfe is the son of Meryl Streep and a sculptor and coming from such an artistic background you might expect something maybe pretentious and boring from the man but on the contrary this is one of the most genuinely soulful records I have heard in a long time.

After moving from New York to LA and listening to nothing but Paul McCartney’s Ram and Harry Nilsson’s Nilsson Sings Newman on the drive, Henry Wolfe couldn’t help but distill those influences into one delirious and catchy record. The true influence seems to be Newman though with the same pop influenced folk and piano melodies from the famous balladeer. This isn’t to say that Henry Wolfe is hokey by any means it just means that he has a keen ear for melody and is just a great story teller. Just try listening to this album and not be caught up in these infectious tunes.

Recommended Tracks: Someone Else (3), Used to Be (1), Stop the Train (8)
Reviewed by Devon Cunningham

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