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Dirty Radio


FCC Warning: (1) Bulls**t, (3) B*tch, (9) Screwing

Label – Partisan Records
Released – 24 May, 2011

Sallie Ford was born into an artistic family in Asheville, NC with a father as a puppeteer and mother as a musician and she quickly had to find her niche. Though she started out on violin she found that her real instrument was her powerful voice. And let me tell you what, she wails on Dirty Radio.

The three backing members that comprise “The Sound Outside” portion of the band met Sallie when she was busking on the streets in her new hometown of Portland, OR and were quickly taken aback by her amazing voice. So now back by three talented and partially self-taught musicians Sallie was able to translate her voice into this moving Americana, blues and jazz inspired band.

Despite the fact that this is their first full length, Sallie Ford & the Sound Outside have already toured with The Avett Brothers, Thao & Mirah and have opened for Mavis Staples.

Recommended tracks: Against the Law (5) really showcases her voice in this lovelorn song.

Thirteen Years Old (6) is a moving song about “her” father’s death. Reviewed by Devon Cunningham

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