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Kim Richey has been pegged as a country artist in most music compendiums because so many of her songs have been picked up by country artists (Trisha Yearwood, Mindy McCready, Brooks & Dunn, others), but she really isn't. She's more "singer/songwriter" along the lines of Shawn Colvin and Dar Williams. Her last solo release prior to this outing, "Chinese Boxes," got that point across a little more pointedly than previous releases and she continues in the same vein with this set. The title track and "Leaving 49" are the most immediately catchy of the songs, although my favorite is a beautiful duet with Mark Olson, "In the Years to Come" (which she co-write with Olson). Writing experts Strunk & White, in their famous book "The Elements of Style," give this great piece of advice to would-be wordsmiths: "Omit needless words." Kim Richey's songs are what they had in mind -- simple, yet powerful. 09/10 MJVD F-Singer/Songwriter (Americana)

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