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Paul Brady

Say What You Feel


Paul Brady is unquestionably one of Ireland's most popular and prolific musicians. Paul cut his teeth on 50's Rock n' Roll and started his musical career in the 60's as part of a couple R&B bands. His membership in the Irish band The Johnstons in the early 70's launched his career. Brady went on to record traditonal Irish music as well as rock and folk.

A highly respected songwriter, his work has been recorded by a host of other musicians including Bonnie Raitt, Maura O'Connell and Dave Edmunds. Brady has also contributed to albums by the likes of Eric Clapton, Tim O'Brien, and Mary Chapin Carpenter, to name just a few.

Say What You Feel is a collection of folk songs, but Brady's rhythm and blues roots are apparent throughout the album. Almost all the arrangements include electric as well as acoustic guitar, piano, and Hammond organ. Song lyrics reflect on the mysteries, joys, and pain of love in the context of contemporary world madness.

Say What You Feel contains the creativity and depth that can only result from the long and varied experience that Paul Brady has had over the last forty years.

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