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Meg Hutchinson graduated from college with a creative writing degree and then spent a long stretch as an organic lettuce farmer until the musical bug was too much to resist. Off to Boston and coffee houses and subway stations with her guitar. She's won awards at Kerrville, Telluride and Merlefest for songwriting and songsters such as John Gorka, Martin Sexton and Lori McKenna are fans. The songs are straightforward, her alto voice with little dressing and a focus on the lyrical images. The opener, "Hard to Change" mentions the "year of the billion dollar bailout" and "Gatekeeper" is based on the real-life story of a California motorcycle cop who has talked as many as 200 people out of jumping off the Golden Gate Bridge. "Yea Tho We Walk" contains the wise phrase, "Oh my friend the soul seems made from such a thread/No matter how hard it tears it always tries to mend." Probably graduated magna cum laude. 05/10 Michael J. F-Singer/Songwriter

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