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Big Red Sun


Bay Area native Alexis Harte has used his experience in environmental studies and his time living in Brazil to conjure up four releases full of birds, flowers and planets with a Jack Johnson delivery that shows off the rhythms of South America. Harte has a master's degree in ecology and spent three years working in Brazil, with his guitar never far away -- that actually sounds like a Paul Simon, Rhythm of the Saints combination, doesn't it? He has drawn kudos from Performing Songwriter and Acoustic Guitar magazines along the way. In this set, the opener, "Mayflies," gets your attention immediately with a lush beginning and rhythmic backbeat. "Pot of Rainbow," "A Moment's Peace" and "Temporary Tattoo" are other standouts. If you think he's getting too Cat Stevens on you, check out the manic beat of "Send a Robot." There's a hidden track #13 on this record, entitled "How Can I Find You?" 01/10 Michael J. F-Contemporary

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