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Chasing another Sundown


Chris Kasper’s new cd “Chasing another Sundown” is a folksy, harmonious set of graceful melodies. On guitar or banjo, Kasper's skillfull playing highlights his bluegrass and folk influences. This album is both quiet and bright, his ability to get your toe tapping balancing the delicate ballads that gives his vocals the perfect setting. Manayunk, PA is Kasper home. He’s shared festival bills with Bela Fleck and Keller Williams and opened for Amos Lee. I’ve never heard Kasper’s previous albums (FlyingBoy and Trust the Tale, Not the Teller) but I will now. He seems to finds enchantment in ordinary situations. If you crave innovative music, give this a try. I loved the melodies and lyrics. It’s really hard to pick favorite songs because I really loved them all. #7 has a bit of funk, #8 Loosely Pray (you don’t fade away) is a quiet, beautiful song, and the slide guitar is perfect. #9, the last song, has a little ditty that comes on at 6.11 into it – just a bit of fun. I hope you enjoy this as much as I do. Anne Lamont

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