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Living Room


Jon Troast forever wrote himself into road musician history this year by performing 100 house concerts in 100 days, an amazing accomplishment considering the myriad of details that could derail such a feat. On his fourth release, Troast (who's from Wisconsin, but attended elementary school and college in West Michigan) shares some glimpses of his recent travels -- looking at family pictures on someone's fridge ("Living Room Tour"), driving from town to town ("Another Mile"), trying to rank the states he's seen ("Favorites") and the wandering troubadour's life ("Somewhere Down the Road"). His songs describe thoughts and emotions common to us all, yet he delivers the music and lyric in an uncommonly fresh and forthcoming way, as if, well, he was just chatting with us in our living room. It's a rewarding experience to invite him in. 12/09 Michael J. F-Contemporary

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