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Danny Schmidt

Instead the Forest Rose to Sing


More proof that Austin Texas is home to the hippest music scene in the U.S.. An independent singer/songwriter- folk/American artist, Danny has had his share of underground success. 2008 Falcon Ridge Emerging Artist Award Winner From the Austin Chronicle: "In today's underground folk world, Danny Schmidt is spoken of in reverent tones, drawing comparisons to Leonard Cohen, with a poetry that breathes naturally and without pretension, with results that are both attractive and intense." My first impressions were a bit Leonard Cohen with Townes Van Zandt thrown in. Besides a talented musician, Danny's lyrics read like a book and tell stories. Better of Broke, Grandpa Built Bridges (reminded me of John Prine Grandpa was a crpenter song!) and Southland Streets are all stories that resonate today. An artist like Danny can probably ride the success as an "underground" hero for many years, and to some degree I hope he stays off the radar charts. Mainstream success doesn't always improve the final product. – John Rumery

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