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Steppin' In It

Simple Tunes For Troubled Times


Toting an ample supply of vintage instruments and a sound that brings listeners back to the days of old-time radio, Steppin’ In It is determined to make a dent in the roots community. Hailing from Lansing, Michigan -the heart of Factory Town, USA- these young men pound out their own brand of roots combining old-time country, swing and blues . Steppin' In It's current lineup has been jamming together about five years. here they step out with a raft of new songs and tunes, plus covers of RandyNewman's 'Have Pity on the Working Man' and Dan Kahn's 'WashtenawCounty.' With guests Rachael Davis, clarinetist Rob Callazo and more. Here you'll get some of the liveliest and most rocking acoustic roots music around that is the future of bluegrass. – Joe Parsaca

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