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Deb Talan, herself an up-and-coming singer, goes to a club to check out this other up-and-coming singer Steve Tannen. That's all it took. Four years later, they're still together as The Weepies -- along with three records, credits on TV and movies soundtracks and recently, baby boy Theo. This is easy-to-listen (not easy-listening), light, harmonic, indie folk-pop. There are some cuts on this track that sound like The Nields, but this couple has a unique way of blending their voices and telling short stories about life and relationships that leave the endings open. The songs resolve at the end, but the emotions don't. The first three tracks are strong; I also enjoyed "Antarctica," "Just Blue" and "Takes So Long." But there aren't any clinkers here. 03/08 MJVD F-Pop

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