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Sam Kenny

See ThroughThe Storm


Somewhere in Southwest Michigan last Tuesday I put Sam Kenny in, turned on my headphone’s noise cancellers, and blanked with my head leaning against the cold window of an Amtrak train while empty parking lot lights lent a view. It was an ideal situation to become aquatinted with this Elliot Smith inclined folk singer (who he strangely doesn’t list under his influences (myspace)). You might also listen to this in a car, while sitting on a couch, lying in bed, taking a shower, or making breakfast. Just make sure to do it before the end of winter, as I think Kelli’s Song might become a favorite by the muddy and frosted days of March If you’re in a downloading state of mind look at, My Blue Son, the Nick Drake inspired Slipping on the Ice, and Nuclear Winter. Actually skip that, support this local artist and buy the entire album. It grows the more I hear it and I assure it will do the same for any listener. Derrick.

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