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Noise from Words


Hmmmm…I have a hard part in my heart for whiny male singer-songwriters, and this fellow walks a very thin line in my opinion. Nevertheless, my overall impression was a positive one for this disc. Stephen King (yes, THAT Stephen King) apparently is a big fan, which really doesn’t mean anything other than it’s nice for Mr. McDermott to have such a well known fan base! I apologize for the brevity of this review, but this is pretty much rootsy-rocky-folky stuff, which really isn’t my favorite area of the library, but this was okay by me. I particularly enjoyed “My Father’s Son.” The guy’s a good writer, which comes through quite well on these songs. He’s been putting out discs since the early 90’s and we have one other one by him at WYCE. Kindly Old Mr. Tilapia

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