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Sweeter For The Struggle


Bassist Dylan Taylor's newest release Sweeter For the Struggle is exploratory in the sense that each track is an interpretation of different jazz disciplines. The opening track "Art the Messenger" is a clear ode to Art Blakey and introduces a groove immediately with Taylor's anchoring bass. In fact, this attribute is the only consistent part of the whole record - otherwise, the players and styles shift dramatically. With guests like Bobby Zankel, Tom Lawton, Craig McIver, Bob Meashey, and Steve Tirpak, there is no shortage of masterful players on Sweeter For the Struggle. Taylor also fulfills a long time dream on the album by releasing a new version of the Larry Coryell's fusion classic "Low-Lee-Tah" with the composer himself. As if the inclusion of boogie, fusion, Afro-Cuban, blues, and avant-garde influences wasn't enough, the album closes with a free interpretation of "House of the Rising Sun" with Taylor on cello. For radio play, I think "Art the Messenger", "Low-Lee-Tah", and "Winter Song" will get the best bang for your buck.

Recommended Tracks: #1 "Art the Messenger", #3 "Low-Lee-Tah", #5 "Winter Song"

Sig Steiger

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