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All We Are Saying...


All We Are Saying… is characterized as the unique interpretations of John Lennon’s most beloved tunes…And what is Frisell trying to say? That Lennon’s songs are ingrained in us all in a personalized way. Frisell drew inspiration from audience reaction in Paris while playing just a few Lennon songs and felt he was led to record 16 of Lennon’s (and McCartney’s) best. Frisell makes it sound so easy. On “Please, Please Me” he manages to incorporate his penchant for country twang…and Jenny Scheinman offers up a perfect violin accompaniment to “Nowhere Man” and on “In My Life” she holds quiet restraint. “Come Together” has that instantly recognizable bending of chords and reverb. “Beautiful Boy” is dreamy with steel and acoustic guitar duets. What’s not to love? All We Are Saying is an introspective, soft-listening album of play. Chalk up one more remarkable album to the illustrious career of Bill Frisell. – Pam VandeKerkhoff

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