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ANGELO MICHAJLOV (Performed by Petra Cernocka and The Karl Vlach Orchestra)



This is the soundtrack to the 1972 Czech film “Divka Na Kosteti” (The Girl on a Broomstick). The movie itself was a surrealistic fantasy about an imprisoned teenage witch and it was marketed toward teens. With music written by Bulgarian, Angelo MIchaljlov, and with vocals performed by the star of the movie (Petra Cernocka), this mostly instrumental soundtrack is groovy psychedelic pop/jazz. Sometimes (and often too briefly) sounding like something that could be spun on today’s dance floors, this well-produced soundtrack is at times comically sinister and often includes wacky sound effects, which I found to be very distracting, even though, overall, I like the music presented here. Perhaps the neatest thing about this release is the very detailed historical liner notes. Rebecca Ruth

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