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Ticklah Vs. Axelrod


TICKLAH TICKLAH VS. AXELROD This is the third solo release from Victor Axelrod (aka Ticklah). This album is a “soundclash” between two musical personalities: Axelrod’s keyboard abilities and Ticklah’s love of dub and studio experimentation. Ticklah is a founding member of the Easy Star All Stars who are known for putting their spin on Pink Floyd and Radiohead material with “Dub Side Of The Moon” and a WYCE favorite, “Radiodread”. Ticklah does it all on this album. He produced and mixed it, and plays a number of instruments including drums, electric piano, organ, synthesizer, clavinet, bass, guitar, guiro, cabassa, and melodica. Collaborating artists include Antibalas, The Victor Rice Octet, Dub Is A Weapon, and Vinia Mojica (best known for working with hip hop masters De La Soul and A Tribe Called Quest). TICKLAH VS. AXELROD is a “hip dub chillout record that defies expectations and is the epitome of the Brooklyn dub underground.” Highlights include #4 Mi Sonsito (A Eddie Palmieri salsa classic), and the sultry #9 Si Hecho Palante. #6 Pork Eater says “Bitch” Reviewed By LaRae

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