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Puppet Mischief


This is only saxophonist John Ellis' second release as leader of the quartet, Double-Wide. This guy has been around the block a few times, though, having played for five years with Charlie Hunter, regularly touring with the John Patitucci Trio, and guesting on Gilfema's 2008 release, "Gilfema + 2". This album starts out strong with the funky "Okra and Tomatoes". It then moves to the fun, punchy organ highlights of my favorite, "Fauxfessor". The slower, "Dewey Dah" is a nice minor-key piece with haunting organ throughout. If you like your jazz more bluesy, the last track, "This Too Shall Pass", might suit your taste. Both trombone and sousaphone give some tracks a New Orleans feel; but it's the occasional use of the harmonica that really makes this release stand out from the crowd. Rebecca Ruth

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