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Pokito a Poko


¡§cham-BAHoh -- poke-EAT-oh ah POKE-oh¡¨ or¡K ¡§Little By Little¡¨ Malaga, Spain-based group that became synonymous with trailblazing the ¡§flamenco chill¡¨ sound. Fronted by female vocalist La Mari. The last release went platinum in Spain in 2002. Track 9 is a duet with famed Miguel Campello, the fiery lead vocalist of Flamenco fusion band ¡§El Bicho¡¨ (don¡¦t say that on-air ƒº). Aside from her successful career in music, La Mari is a breast cancer survivor who recently co-wrote a book with her sister Aurora, entitled Enamora De La Vida, Aunque A Veces Duela, translated: In Love With Life, Although at Times it may Hurt. -Drover

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