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On his latest recording titled Keep Coming Back, Marc Broussard serves up quite a mix of Blues, R & B, Rock, and even some hints of Country on the final track Going Home. Here, the Country elements are evident mostly through the inclusion of the steel guitar which makes for a rather lush and beautifully written song about the complexities of life and relationships while on the road. However, aside from this, the singer/songwriter Broussard turns more toward the Blues and R& B sound beginning with the opening track, Keep Coming Back. On this song, Broussard's voice sounds like a mixture of Harry Connick, Jr. and Lenny Kravitz which further serves to confirm his wide-ranging vocal capacity. If there was another Rocky film coming out, Broussard's second offering, the blues/rock tinged Hard Knocks would definitely fit the soundtrack quite well as it delves into life on the streets and learning things the hard way. Another piece that deserves repeated listens is the soulful, organ-laced, and up-tempo love song Real Good Thing. However, probably my favorite song on the album is the piano driven composition Evil Things which really showcases Broussard's writing and vocal talents the best. It's a hope-filled song about love that looks at the past with some measure of regret but also towards the future with a larger dose of hope. Here, Broussard soulfully sings: "The evil things that I've done, wash away in the warmth of your sun." Overall, while some songs on this recording are less stellar than others, such as the LeAnn Rimes accompanied When It's Good, the majority of this recording is really well done as characterized by Why Should She Wait which features the singer/songwriter Sara Bareilles, whom Broussard is touring with this fall. In this reviewer's opinion, then, Keep Coming Back will definitely keep the listener coming back for more and more. – Jeff Bouma

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