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Rob Paparozzi And The Ed Palermo Big Band

Electric Butter


This album is a loving tribute to two shining beacons of Chicago-style blues. Back in the 60's, blues singer/harp player Paul Butterfield met guitarist Michael Bloomfield and urban electric blues would never be the same. The Paul Butterfield Blues Band and Electric Flag came out of that celestial match, and their influence is still being felt amongst blues enthusiasts around the world. Two of those enthusiasts are New Jersey singer/harp player Rob Paparozzi (of Hudson River Rats and Blood Sweat and Tears) and saxophonist/big band leader Ed Palermo.

This is Paparozzi's dream project: he took the money he earned opening for Sonny Rollins in Union County, NJ and used it to commission Ed Palermo to write and arrange a proper Big Band tribute to Butterfield and Bloomfield. The result is nothing short of sublime; Paparozzi sings and blows harp here like there is no tomorrow, and the band is simply perfect. The soloists and guests in this album reads as a who's who in contemporary blues, with Jimmy Vivino, Mark Naftalin (who played B3 organ with the original Paul Butterfield Blues Band) Steve Cropper, George Naha, Ben Kono, and Jimmy Leahey just to mention a few. A very proper tribute indeed. It will make you crave for more Michael Bloomfield and Paul Butterfield if you never heard of them before, and seek out their catalog. Happy discoveries!

review by Ernesto

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