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Eternal is a display of unique musical textures using rare instrumentation and throat singing that should make all Tuvans proud! (Tuva is a sparsely settled republic of the Russian Federation). With vocals that often sound like didgeridoos or old world bowed instruments, those who really dig a meditative “world beat” sound, will likely LOVE this. Huun Huur Tu is a quartet of Tuvan men who all practice this ancient throat singing and play a variety of traditional instruments, some of which are unfamiliar to most Americans. Here, they collaborate with electronic musician/producer, Carmen Rizzo. Rizzo does NOT turn this into electronica dance music; he accentuates and renders what the quartet already does. The result tempers Siberian folk music into something lush, haunting and mesmerizing. As reviewed in the Huffington Post, “envision powerful and tasteful low-end, percussively intelligent, moving and sweeping in the landscape while strings and voices grace the surface.” Becky 8/2009

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