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12:00am LaRae 2006 playlist
3:00am Arthur West 2005 playlist
6:00am Gabriella DeLaVega del Mundo Musical 2007 playlist
8:00am Traditions! 2009 playlist
10:00am re:IMAGINE 2016 playlist
12:00pm Gordon Schumway (alt. weeks)
A2 (alt. weeks)
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3:00pm Tall Isaac (alt. weeks)
Madeline Command (alt. weeks)
6:00pm New Standards 2013 playlist
8:00pm Grand Rapids Soul Club Radio Hour 2015 playlist
9:00pm Waves 2020 playlist
10:00pm MIND OF CHYME 616 2017 playlist
11:00pm Wealthy On WYCE 2021 playlist

WYCE Programmer Hall of Fame

2017 marked WYCE's 30th anniversary of broadcasting an eclectic music mix. On that occasion, a Veteran's Committee of volunteer programmers was formed to select distinguished peers as members of WYCE's Programmer Hall of Fame. Click on the image to read more.

  • Capt'n Kurt Class of 2017
  • Dick Destiny Class of 2017
  • Don Missad: Lifetime Achievement Award Class of 2018
  • Jules / Julie Swanson Class of 2018
  • Mike Scot Class of 2018
  • Nanette O'Connell Class of 2017
  • The Driver - Gregg Adelman Class of 2018
  • Oscar Zuniga: Lifetime Achievement Award Class of 2017