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Anything funky, greazy, groovy, or stanky. Also anything that's sweet, smooth, soars, or soothes. And everything else that twangs, buzzes, swings or moves. Bring your buzz. Or not. Kick-ass grooves on tap.

About Eric

Remember the night Buddy Guy and Junior Wells played on the lawn at the G.R. Ford Museum in '87 or '88? A hundred feet of cable trailed out behind Buddy as he walked through the crowd wailing out an impossibly heinous, face melting solo that threatened to perform a sonic lobotomy on anyone within earshot. That's the night I learned about WYCE. My friends and I wanted to hear more, but knew we wouldn't hear it on any of the stations we already knew. We asked around and got a hot tip about 'YCE. One phone call later, Buddy was screaming out of my radio, and I knew that things had just changed for me. Bigtime. I grew up in a house filled with all kinds of music, we saw live music all the time and attended fests such as Wheatland, Bliss, etc. Listened to a lot of CMU Radio and classical music too. So the idea that there was a station that played a lot of those things, plus a whole lot of things I hadn't even gotten to yet was amazing. I hope you will join me in expressing sincere gratitude to the people who made WYCE a reality in the beginning.

A part time listener over the next few years, I witnessed the soul being sucked out of Grand Rapids radio, as LAV became a corporate clone and JFM became B-93. When that happened, I knew that 'YCE was my only remaining choice for music, and that it was time to get involved before something happened to this beautiful little volunteer driven oddity that had become my savior. The more people who help, the better it will be, right?

I called to ask what I could do to help, and Thom Bland who was Program Director at the time suggested answering phones during the upcoming fund drive. The last drive broadcast from the old Community Ed building with the converted locker room studio. I took the programmer class and by the next fund drive, was on the air, having mentored with John Roberts. We had just moved the station across the parking lot at 28th and Clyde Park, to the yellow aluminum sided building we occupied for a few years before moving to our present location in the West Side Library building. I've never really kept track, but I think that means I've been on since fall of '93, maybe '92. As a point of reference, Capt'n Kurt once told me he and I were in the same programmer class. I don't remember, but since he's been around for about a million years, apparently so have I.

I am inspired to do the best show I can by:

  • The scarcity of other good radio stations.
  • The opportunity to give exposure to a world of artists who may not be heard anywhere else, and the chance I get to expand my own experience and knowledge.
  • The unfortunate choices made by people who select the music heard in stores, dining establishments, offices and other public and workplace environments where people are subjected to musical crimes against humanity daily. This one hits close to home for me, as the music which has been selected for me in my own workplace is exceptionally loathsome.
  • The inspired programming I hear on the part of some of my fellow volunteers.
  • Not least; you faithful, supportive, amazing listening audience. Together we are the community in 'community radio', thanks so much.

I've been on in a variety of time-slots over the years. True, this overnight show I've been doing for the past several years works with my schedule, but I wouldn't switch with anyone. This is the time of day when I want to be listening to music, so since the audience is of the same mind, I know I'm with my people. I love this shift for a bunch of reasons. The main one is the ability to stretch out- to explore the library and play things that length or some other factor would make impractical for other shows. Sets of music with which you can kick back and really be transported.

You'll also notice that the format is unique, as is the fact that I hit all five genres following the groove as it develops, before doing it again in some completely different order. This is not a show where you'll hear a lot from some genres and not so much from others, (not to mention hundreds of sub-genres and fusions). I'd be doing the audience a disservice and failing in my duty as a steward of this vast and broad collection by not digging deeply into all five corners of the music library. Just because it's overnight doesn't mean this isn't serious radio. Check it out. It's cool.

Favorite Albums

Thanks for spending part of your Saturday morning with me, and with WYCE.
I don't like favorites lists- too limiting. Besides, I'll always forget fifty things which should be included, so I'll refer you to the show description at the top of the page instead.

Also, (and this is big), with the exception of new music shelf items- if any song on a record has been played within the preceding three months, the disc goes back on the shelf, in the interest of keeping things fresh. If you wanted to hear the same shit all the time, you'd be listening to commercial radio. Am I right? There may be things I play that I never play again, but nothing will be anything you've heard lately if the logs are accurate. Exceptions may be made if I'm jonesin' for something.

For a long time, I ended the show with something from Over the Rhine, probably close to 20 years. It was pointed out to me that that may discourage other programmers from playing them due to a perceived staking out of "ownership". That had certainly never occurred to me. In the interest of encouraging folks to not think of them as "my" band, I have stopped doing that. I will however continue to play them periodically as the mood hits.

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