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Deisy - El Mundo Musical

About Deisy - El Mundo Musical

What are your work/volunteer/hobbies?

I work at Community Media Center as the Program Development Manager, I run and facilitate a Spanish speaking survivor support group, and I also enjoy crafts that I am not really good at.

How long have you been at WYCE?

I have been a programmer with WYCE for about 2 years 6 months.

What brought you to WYCE?

I was recruited by Gabriela de La Vega and Oscar Zuniga after doing an on-air interview on Gaby's Saturday show. I was asked if I wanted to be on El Mundo Musical, and how could I say no!

In your view, how does WYCE empower the local community?

Music is something very personal to people. It reminds us of lost loves and lost times. Music makes us cry, laugh, and remember. Sometimes the music that moves us is hard to find on other radio stations, but WYCE allows "our" music to continue to be part of our lives. WYCE allows us to listen, relive, and discover the music that inspires our soul. The music that is played on WYCE gives voice to our feelings and emotions while giving a voice to those of us in the community that have the pleasure of being on air.

What other ways do you personally serve the local community?

I have over 20 years' experience in advocacy work with domestic violence and sexual assault survivors. In my free time I work with survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault, specializing in Latinx/ immigrant/Spanish speaking communities.

With events like the WYCE Hopcat Blue Bridge Festival or the GRAM on the Green summer concert series, we provide a space for community members to gather and enjoy the best local musicians together. By playing an eclectic blend of local, regional, emerging, and under-represented music on-air, we educate the community and expose our listeners to sounds and voices they may have never heard otherwise.

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