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C Alan

The Show

High energy mix of the styles I've loved all of my life and the many new things I've been exposed to since I first discovered WYCE.

About C Alan

Life-long lover of all styles of music. I collected a lot of vinyl in my youth. I spent a year on the staff at the now-defunct GVSU student radio WSRX. After being a loyal WYCE listener for many years I finally got my opportunity to be a programmer in 2004 and am constantly amazed at knowledge and talent of the programmers.

Favorite Albums

"The Clash:London Calling" "Joni Mitchell:Court and Spark" "White Stripes:White Blood Cells" "Pixies:Doolittle" "Modest Mouse:Good News for People Who Love Bad News" "Elvis Costello:This Year's Model" "Van Morrison:Moondance" "Television:Marque Moon" "Lucinda Williams:Car Wheels On A Gravel Road" "Beck:Odelay

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