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Silverio (Silver) en El Mundo Musical

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I would like to travel around the spanish countries without actually having to leave Grand Rapids with thier wonderful music! At this moment Ill be up in the am to give you a kickstart of great rythem that keeps the blood flowing! I love different sounds that can spike curiosity and wonder in your ears. With this show I hope share my influences of music with the latin and american community of Grand Rapids in which I hold so dear.

About Silverio (Silver) en El Mundo Musical

I am a non profit supporter originally from Dallas Texas raised in SW Michigan. Born to Mexican parents I was brought up with their rhythmic music and was deeply influenced by it! I became a professional choreographer for my own dance studio and started my non profit Alas Creative Studio. I really appreciate music that can make you move and pick up your spirits! Grand Rapids Michigan is my home and I am proud of how the future is looking for this great city! Hola yo soy Silverio mis Padres son Mexicanos desde Ciudad de Reynosa en el estado de Tamaulipas! Mis padres son bailadores en mi casa siempre oi canciones que te hicieron bailar! Por eso yo soy maestro de Baile! Yo soy original de Dallas Texas pero me crei aqui en Grand Rapids, MI.

Favorite Albums

Latin genres: Reggeaton, Cumbia, Mambo, Lain Jazz, Tex Mex, Danzon. Artists. Perez Prado, Celia Cruz, Fito Olivares, Ramon Ayala,

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